New medical research initiative hits Ireland

Irish Universities have joined forces to create Molecular Medicine Ireland, a charitable company coordinating health research activities. QS Top Universities reports on yet another reason why undergraduate students should consider studying abroad in Ireland.The Presidents of

TCD: first in Ireland to join iTunes U in the iTunes Store

Undergraduate students in Ireland can now listen to music and university lectures on their iPods. QS Top Universities reports on the new technology, which is taking undergraduate degrees to another level.   Trinity College Dublin is the first university in Ireland and one

Top Irish universities continue to climb world university rankings

The results of the 2010 QS World University Rankings show Irish universities are holding their own against the world's top universities.   ThreeIrish universities rank in the Top 200 universities in the world , with a total of eight Irish universities featuring in the full

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in... Ireland

Think Finn McCool and Cchulainn; James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and W.B Yeats; Catholics and Protestants, Nationalists and Loyalists; hurling, gaelic football and rugby; Guinness, and Bush Mills whiskey; soda bread, potatoes and Irish stew; George Best and Brian O'Driscoll; U2,

Study abroad in Greece

Uniquely positioned between east and west, and even north and south, Greece is more famous for its tourist resorts and ancient history than as a destination for international students to study abroad. But, as Ross Geraghty finds out, there is far more to this small country then

Making the most of studying in France

Renowned for its art and culture, France is one of the world's top tourist venues. It's also one of the world's leading destinations for foreign students: more than 245,000 international students choose France every year.   France is a first-class centre for scientific and

QS World University Rankings FAQs

1) How do you plan to address the perceived bias towards English-speaking (and particularly UK) universities?   The developments to our survey approach, both in terms of distribution and analysis ought to have an impact here. Elsevier are also continually updating Scopus to

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in... France

Do you really need to find an excuse to study abroad in France? After all, there's Paris, with its urbane sophistication; the glittering beaches of the Cote d'Azur; the idyllic vineyards of Aquitaine, Burgundy and Champagne; the verdant scenery of the Ardennes; the glacial

French universities in the 2010 QS World University Rankings

A closer look at how France's top universities performed in the 2010 QS World University Rankings It may only have two universities in the world's Top 50, and a further three in the world's Top 200, but French universities all made their mark on the 2010 QS World University

Study abroad in France

If you can find the right weather, you'll be able to enjoy outdoor activities all year round in France, a country of diverse geography. France has it all, from picturesque countryside, to pearl white beaches, the wine-growing valleys of Loire to the snow-capped peaks of the

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in... Denmark

Hamlet famously declared something to be rotten in the state of Denmark, but nowadays it seems nothing could be further from the truth. If opinion studies are to be believed, Denmark is the happiest nation on earth. Danes enjoy an unusually egalitarian society with a distinctive

Country Guide to Denmark

The country's been nominated as having the happiest people in the world. It's home to the little mermaid, has a history of Vikings and its capital city's restaurants boast the most Michelin stars of any Scandinavian city. Find out why local and international students flock to

Student life in Denmark

TU Denmark: Student Profile of Thomas Madsen Thomas Madsen enjoys the academic atmosphere of Aarhus University in Denmark and the student parties 'aren't half bad either', he tells TopUniversities.com   Studying for a Masters degree in Social Sciences, Danish student Thomas

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in...Belgium

Famous for its beer and waffles, Belgium is a country that is often underestimated. Situated at the crossroads of Europe bordering France, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg this small nation of ten million people is in fact a political hub, home to both the EU and NATO.

Study abroad in Belgium

Country overview Home of the European Union (EU) and NATO, Belgium, home to about 10.5million people,is an international country within a small geographical space.Bordering both France and the Netherlands, the country's official languages are Dutch, French and German although



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