Ivy league partnership places a winning bet in Singapore

A top US university has joined with one of Asia's finest to provide expert management for the region's booming tourism industry, which includes newly legalised gambling facilities to emulate the success of Macau's.   Asia's tourism industry is booming. The rising affluence

Top 10 things to do while studying abroad in... Malaysia & Singapore

The performance of Asian universities in the QS World University Rankings has shown this part of the world is one to keep your eye on. Boasting some of the continent's top-ranked institutions including National University of Singapore (NUS), which came third in the 2010 QS Asian

Study abroad in Singapore

Singapore offers an international experience of culture, colour and education. It's no wonder, this small, but very populated, island nation is beoming such a popular study abroad destination.   Country overview   Singapore stands out for its magnificent blend and

Study abroad in Norway

Norway offers a host of undergraduate and graduate study abroad programs taught in English, and as such, has become a firm favourite for international students.   Country overview   The Land of the Midnight Sun earns its title from northern Norway's everlasting

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in... Norway

Study abroad in Norway and you'll be surrounded by some of the most spectacular natural scenery the planet has to offer. From the ethereal tranquillity of the fjords, to the spectacular snow-peaked mountains of Jotunheimen National Park, and to the mysterious spectacle of the

Study abroad in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country where stereotypes are the norm, but this makes for a beautiful and very characteristic nation to study abroad in.   Country overview   Dykes, windmills, canals and tulips will be seen wherever you are, and you can expect to see more bikes,

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in... the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country of fascinating contradictions: it retains a traditional and quaint feel, but its people are forward-thinking and sophisticated; it's one of the world's most densely populated countries but has a serene and relaxed pace of life; it's one of the most

Postgraduate Study in Japan - a sleeping giant, soon to wake

For domestic students, Japan presents a bewildering variety of postgraduate study options. The country is home to almost 700 universities and a total of over 2000 graduate degree programs covering every conceivable area of academic pursuit. However, the vast majority of these

Student Life in Japan

Carrie Bee Hao tells Top Universities about student life in Japan. Name: Carrie Bee Hao Degree:Masters of Business Law University:Hitotsubashi University Nationality:Tokyo, Japan   "Japan is a challenging country to take up further studies in", says Carrie Bee

Studying abroad in Japan

In no other place will you find the mix of a bustling fast-paced metropolis with the calm tranquillity that hangs over the zen gardens and temples of Japan.   Country overview   Situated between the North Pacific and the Sea of Japan, this country of contrast consists

Top ten things to do while studying abroad in... Japan

Samurai, sumo, kimono, geisha, judo, jujitsu: words that are synonymous with Japan's ancient and exotic cultural heritage. Known as the 'land of the rising sun', today Japan merges this traditional character with the high-tech and bustling modernity of one of the world's

Studying in Ireland - where tradition meets innovation

In recent years Ireland has become an extremely attractive destination for international students at all levels: it boasts high quality universities and colleges with established international reputations, it is renowned as a friendly and easy country in which to study and is a

Country Guide to Eire: Ireland

It's famous for St Patrick's Day, Guinness and boy bands but Ireland is fast becoming a place known for the quality of its undergraduate and postgraduate education. QS Top Universities looks at the pros and cons of studying abroad in Ireland.   Country Overview  

Studying in Ireland: how to get your student visa

So you want to study abroad in Ireland. To help you get there, QS Top Universities answers some of the questions about student visas, and how to get one.   Studying abroad in Ireland for your undergraduate degree is an exciting prospect and, once you get there, the

Irish undergraduate education on the move

In the 2007 Times Higher - QS World University Rankings, Irish Universities are making their mark. QS Top Universities has a look at the results.Two Irish universities have made it into the top 200 universities in the world, results from the Times Higher - QS World University



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