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PhD in Biophysik, Uni Bremen, Germany
Correlations of Spatiotemporal Patterns and Protein Activity in Cell Motility
Institut fur Biophysik, UniversitAt Bremen -Germany-

Ph.D. Position (Entgeltgruppe 13 TVL/2 ) - under condition of job release-

Cell motility is based on the dynamics of polymer gels. These gels contain fibrous proteins and linkers as structural elements, as well as molecular motors as active components. They are controlled by various signalling pathways. Most generally, we are interested in the physics of active gels. This fascinating field has gained increased attention in recent years. Yet, fundamental effects remain to be discovered. Our philosophy is to understand biological function via physical analysis. In particular, the project will encompass recording and quantitative analysis of cell geometry and protein distribution as a function of biochemical cell state using an array of light microscopy and genetic techniques. In this respect, experience in light microscopy, handling of biological material, and computer (Mac) programming are assets. We plan to develop a high-throughput set-up and integrate our results in a web-accessible database.

As the University of Bremen intends to increase the proportion of female employees in science women are particularly encouraged to apply.

In case of equal personal aptitudes and qualification disabled persons will be given priority.

Further information may be obtained via our website, email or by phone. The position is available immediately. It is part-time (1/2) and limited for a period of two years with the option for a one year extension. There is the possibility to earn a doctorate. Applications, sent to the address given below under the reference number A 44/07, will be considered until the position is filled. Applications in pdf format via email are preferred.

Prof. Hans-GAnther DAbereiner
Institut fAr Biophysik, UniversitAt Bremen, NW1 Raum O4040, Postfach 330440, 28334 Bremen,

+49 173 614 9946
We would be very grateful, if you could submit your application documents as copies (no folders). We cannot send your documents back because of cost reasons; after the application process the documents will be destroyed.




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