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The Institute of Neuroscience and Biophysics a Medicine is seeking
2 Ph.D. Students for three-year projects
Theme: Multimodal cortical system analysis

The Institute for Neuroscience and Biophysics a Medicine at the Research Center JAlich provides an excellent multi-disciplinary and interactive research environment close to the culturally vibrant cities of Aachen, DAsseldorf and KAln. Within the institute we combine expertise in neuroimaging (research-dedicated 1.5T/3T/4T MRI systems, high-field ani-mal MR, PET, combined human PET a 3 T MR system), neuroscience and clinical research with state-of-the- art laboratories for histological and neurochemical analysis such as receptor autoradiography.

The research focus of the "Cortial Systems and Neurotransmitter Receptors" group (Head: Prof. Dr. Karl Zilles) lies in the multimodal integration of anatomical and func-tional data in order to gain insight into the mechanisms underlying brain function and dysfunction. In particular we are striving to combine information on the cortical anatomy with functional neuroimaging, models of effective connectivity and pharmacological approaches to investigate visual feature processing and cortical motor control.

We are now looking for two PhD students with a strong interest in this multidisciplinary research. A background in neuroanatomy and/or fMRI analysis techniques (SPM, FSL, MATLAB etc) would be of advantage, readiness to learn new methods a necessary requirement. Applicants should have a degree in Neuroscience, Psychology, Medicine, Informatics, Biology or related areas.

Payment will correspond to salary grade 13/2 Collective Agreement for the Civil Service (TVAD). Equal opportunities is an important cornerstone of our staff policy at Research Centre JAlich, for which we have been awarded the aTOTAL E-QUALITY" award. Applications from women are therefore particularly welcome. Applications from disabled persons are welcomed.

Both positions are available immediately and search will continue until candidates have been selected.

Dr. Simon Eickhoff (, to whom applications including the names of two referees should be sent.

Dr. Simon B. Eickhoff
Institut fAr Neurowissenschaften und Biophysik - Medizin
Forschungszentrum Juelich
Leo-Brandt-Str. 5
52425 Juelich

Telefon: +49 2461 61 8609
Fax: +49 2461 61 2820



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