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Two PhD students on the subject of Big Data Management: Big Data Analytics: Big Data Science

Publicat: 31 Iul 2015 | Vizualizari: 903

Centrum Wiskundeand Informatica (CWI) has two vacancies in the Database Architectures research group for talented PhD students, on the subject of Big Data Management, Big Data Analytics, Big Data Science.

Job description

Two fully funded PhD positions are available to work under the direction of prof. S. Manegold on big data management technology with a particular focus on big data analytics and big data science. Each position is funded by one of the following two public-private partnership projects supported by the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO):

  • PROMIMOOC: "Process Mining for Multi-objective Online Control"
  • DAMIOSO: "Data Mining on High Volume Simulation Output"

Both projects are co-operations with the Natural Computing group of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) at Leiden University and industrial partners TataSteel and BMW (PROMIMOOC) respectively Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH (DAMIOSO).

Research topics for the candidates include data models and technologies to integrate various heterogeneous data sources, including numerous types of sensors that provide numerical and image data or huge output of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, as well as high-performance, scalable, distributed data management technologies and machine learning techniques to support big data analytics and data science. We strongly favour system-oriented research that can be disseminated through the open-source channels, e.g., as part of our open-source columnar analytical DBMS MonetDB.

The preferred starting date is 1 October 2015, or earlier.




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