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Post doctor in economics with specialization in econometrics

Publicat: 18 Iul 2014 | Vizualizari: 728

The Department of Business Administration, Technology and Social Sciences currently have a 200-strong faculty which undertakes research and teaches within business administration, innovation processes and entrepreneurship, quality management and the social sciences, including economics.

The Department is organized in four divisions. The Economics unit is part of the Division of Social Sciences that includes beside economics, the academic subjects jurisprudence, political science and history of technology. It has a strong, multidisciplinary research environment focusing on environmental, natural resource and energy issues. The division currently includes approximately 35 senior researchers and teachers of which seven are full professors, and approximately 20 PhD students.

The economic research group at Lule University of Technology has a clear international orientation; a strong emphasis on applied, policy-oriented work and; a decisive focus on natural resources, energy and environmental economics. We thus predominantly carry out applied research and all group members rely on econometrics in their work, but no one in the group is an econometrician per se. We now wish to strengthen the econometrics side of the group’s work.

We are now announcing a two-year post-doc in economics/econometrics, which will predominantly include econometrics research and econometrics support within our research areas of natural resources, energy and environmental economics.



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