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PhD student in mining and rock engineering, Improved resource efficiency through dynamic loading control

Publicat: 18 Iul 2014 | Vizualizari: 812

Lule University of Technology is one of Europe’s leading universities in mining and metallurgy. The University offers a unique, comprehensive research skills throughout the mining and quarrying chain - from exploration, mining, processing and metal production, to recovery after stopping mining activities. The research team consists of leading scientists from ore geology, geophysics, mining engineering, rock mechanics, geotechnical engineering, mineral processing, process metallurgy and geology.

In the mining industry wheel loaders, known as LHD machines, is mostly used to load and transport the ore. These machines sometimes have computerized measurement and control system that can measure the properties of the ore contained in the bucket. For sublevel caving, used in LKAB's mines, loading is done from defined loading points. To get the optimal amount of ore and leave as much as possible of side rock, the loading must be stopped at the right time. In these situations the information from the machine is used by the operator providing direct guidance when the loading should be terminated. This project focuses on improving resource efficiency by creating and applying loading criteria that can help the operator in the decision to stop or continue loading, and can also handle variations in ore grade and ore characteristics. For interested candidates it is important to have a large interest in analysis and modelling based on large datasets, Data Mining.

As a PhD student you will have great freedom to define your own work and procedures. You will have the opportunity to act and work as a project manager during your study period. You will also try the role of being teacher. Researchers working as a neutral party in many contexts, providing a unique opportunity to learn how to manage advanced development through contacts with international researchers. We offer a stimulating and dynamic research environment with an extensive national and international network along with interesting, exciting research projects conducted in collaboration with the private and public sectors.

Subject description

Mining and Rock Engineering is concerned with the mechanical and physical properties and behaviour of rock and rock masses, the calculation of the safe dimensions for rock constructions, and also blasting technology, fragmentation, tunnelling, mining, and the maintenance of rock constructions.



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