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Doctoral student position specialising in migration law

Publicat: 17 Mai 2014 | Vizualizari: 705

Migration law is a relatively new and dynamic field of law in Sweden, in which there is a great need for research. Migration law deals with the international, regional and national legal frameworks that regulate various forms of migration, such as security-related migration, migration for economic reasons or family-related migration.

Issues central to the field are the rights and obligations of states and individuals, the legal status of various migrant groups and the attitudes of states to migration and migrants. As migration by its very nature involves the crossing of borders, the component of international law is of great importance. Another aspect of this crossing of borders is that migration law spans traditional disciplinary boundaries, touching on public international law, public law, EU law, administrative law, procedural law and labour law.

Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network
Since 2012 the law faculties at Uppsala University and Lund University have been growing a joint research environment in migration law, called the Lund/Uppsala Migration Law Network (L/UMIN). Information about the research environment is available on the Network homepage, The doctoral student will be part of this research network.

The specialisation of the doctoral project
The research focus for L/UMIN has thus far primarily been various aspects of security-related migration. One purpose of the doctoral student position now being posted is to broaden this research to comprehend migration for reasons relating to economic circumstances, seen in a broad sense. It is therefore desirable that the project description specialise on research in this field. By economic migration is meant migration whose primary purpose is to improve the living conditions of the person migrating and/or of this person’s family. Other purposes may also play a role.

Labour migration is a central theme, which also includes employees who lack requisite permits to work and reside in the country, so-called irregular employees or the undocumented. Issues relating to human trafficking can also be included, as well as how to draw the line between economic and other migration. People also migrate to pursue studies in order to enhance their future prospects. Issues regarding the transition into the labour market for such students can also be included, as well as issues linked to circular migration. The project may well touch upon aspects of public international law but does not need to be limited to such aspects. As migration law is not yet a subject with its own independent third-cycle (research-level) study programme, the doctoral student will be admitted in the subject that is most closely related to the proposed project.

About the Faculty of Law
The Faculty of Law at Uppsala University is the oldest such faculty in the Nordic countries and was part of the University at its foundation in 1477. Its activities comprise a broad spectrum of research fields and specialisations. A wide array of well-respected undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses and study programmes are also offered. The Faculty includes the Department of Law, where more than 200 individuals are employed. Among these, some 100 are researchers or teachers. Research is pursued today in a total of 15 research fields and 9 subfields of private law. Research is in a highly expansive and creative phase. New recruitment of researchers has been undertaken in recent years, and several research areas have been expanded and reinforced. There are currently some 50 doctoral students in various fields at the Faculty.



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